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11.11 Happy Pocky Day

The 11th day of November marks a very special day around the globe. In Australia, 11.11 hosts the nation's key commemoration of the Remembrance Day. Each year on this day at 11:ooam, the whole nation has a tradition of one minute silence to observe and dedicate this time to those soldiers who died fighting to protect the nation. We have also observed that there are sales advertisements on the websites dedicated to singles' day, just like the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Frenzy. The singles' day is an 'anti- Valentine's Day' to respect singles' self care. It is one of the world largest 24 hour shopping spree. But most importantly, the focus of 11.11 should be to celebrate Pocky Day. Pocky is a delicious japanese snacks that is made of biscuits sticks coated with all kinds of chocolate depending on your preference.

When and how it was formed?

Pocky day is celebrated on November 11 every year. The snack, pocky, is manufactured by a well-known Japanese company called Glico hence Glico created the idea of Pocky Day which started in 1999.

The origin of Pocky

It came as a surprise that Pocky was not the first product of Glico. It was Pretzel which also came in a stick shaped but with no coating. Glico wanted to expand this line of products. The company had a genius idea to add chocolate on the entire stick so consumers can taste chocolate and pretzel at the same time. This however did not work out well as there is no part of the stick that allows consumers to hold without getting chocolate on their hands. As a result of this flaw, Pocky was formed which solved the previous problem. As a result of the formation of Pocky, half of the stick was covered by chocolate and half was not. This became our present Pocky. You find the Pocky that we sell on this website are all flavoured with different chocolate coatings. All the Pocky have half of the stick not covered by chocolate so as to avoid getting consumers' hands getting sticky from the chocolate.

How is Pocky Day celebrated?

Pocky is available world-wide and almost everyone know about Glico Pocky because it is extremely popular. Every year, Glico releases ad campaigns, contests, collaborations and skydiving events. Some of the events that Glico had arranged in the past years include World challenge, Tsutenkaku Collaboration, Pocky rocket, Pocky Pole project, concert at Bigcat and Pocky Photo Mosaic.

Fun fact about Pocky day

The date 11/11 looks like the long and thin stick-shaped of Pocky.

What should we do on Pocky Day?

Have fun and eat as much Pocky as you like. It is the day that Pocky should be celebrated. You can find a range of Pocky on our website for you to indulge.

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