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Our New Fukubukuro range

All About Fukubukuro.............

Where does Fukubukuro bag originate?
Fukubukuro is a traditional custom originated in Japan.

When does Fukubukuro happen during the year?
Just like Australia has Boxing Day, New Years Day, Christmas Day etc..... Japan has the Fukubukuro season during the New year period. Fukubukuro are very popular and are often so high in demand in Japan that customers place reservations up to several months in advance so that they can get hold on the lucky bags.

What is Fukubukuro?

Fukubukuro bags are known to be lucky bags as they give customers happiness because usually the items are worth much more than the price of the bags- giving customers a good bargain. The experience is full of excitement and surprises. Bags will either contain items that customers will love or items that customers will not be fond of. It all depends on the customers' luck. Fukubukuro is mysterious as you don't know what's inside the bags.

What is our Fukubukuro range?

We have a full range of snacks that you can indulge in. The reason we provide a fukubukuro range to our customers is because we would like our customers to try a variety of our items in one bag. Our Fukubukuro lucky bag will contain a full range of our snack products ranging from jellies to chips to candies. Each bag will not be the same.

By offering fukubukuro bags, our customers will know what they will be purchasing in their next order.

What is Kawaii Box then?

Kawaiii Box contains an assortment of our kawaii items ranging from keychains, pouch , lunch boxes, stationery items and plenty more. Our customers will for sure be surprise on what they will get in each box as each box contains different variety of kawaii items.

Costs for the Fukubukuro bags and box?

Our Fukubukuro range caters for every customer by offering the items at different values and costs. Depending on our customers preferences, they may choose to purchase the smaller or larger bag, both at different values and costs.

Final Message

We hope you will enjoy your Fukubukuro bags and Kawaii boxes!!!

Stay tune for more updates and offers from us.

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