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Jemile Fran Melty Butter Balm 40g

Jemile Fran Melty Butter Balm 40g



Product details


A balm-type leave-in treatment. Formulated with two types of vegetable butter for more moisturizing and manageable hair. *Can also be used as a hand cream.

The scent of peony changes when it is freshly applied, during drying, and after drying.


Dimethicone, mineral oil, shea butter, (moringa oil/hydrogenated moringa oil) esters, polyethylene, sunflower seed wax, sorbeth-30 tetraoleate, beeswax, behentrimonium methosulfate, cetanol, jojoba oil, carboxymethyl alanyl disulfide Keratin (wool), water, BG, AMP, tocopherol, lauryl betaine, fragrance, phenoxyethanol


How to use


1. Spread it on your hand and put it on your hair.

Apply in order of tip → middle → near the root and dry.



2. Nigiri through dry

While holding the hair bundle and applying tension, slide it slowly so that the heat is transmitted to the tip of the hair.



3. Dry the ends

Grab the tip of the hair and make a one curl with your fingers toward the inside of your face, then apply the heat of the hair dryer to the inside of the curl.


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