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Top Japanese Snacks & Drinks You Must Try & Where Can I Buy Them?

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

You have seen all those Cute, Colourful, Unique & Eye-catching Japanese Snacks.

But you will ask, how do I get them? If you are lucky enough, you may have the privilege to experience all these Yummilicious Japanese Snacks & Drinks in Japan. However, for others, you might realise that Japanese Snacks are not that easy to find in grocery stores and even if you do, the prices are pretty expensive.

That's why we decided to build an online store to all Australians to enjoy the taste of Japanese Snacks & drinks at affordable prices. No need to fly all the way to Japan to experience its variety of snacks available. Now, you can enjoy them at the comfort of your own home.

Check us out at All of our products are Products of Japan!

Now, for those who have difficulty deciding which snacks to even buy since there are so many to choose from - Here is a list of Top 8 Japanese Snacks & Drinks You Must Try!

  1. POCKY

Yes that's right- the biscuit sticks! This snack is one of the most popular snacks and has the sensation of "snacking heaven". It has perfect balance of high quality, creamy chocolate and the crunch of a biscuit stick. You may have tried the original chocolate red box Pocky ones, but there are plenty more flavours in Japan ( Almond, strawberry, coconut, Sakura, Green Tea etc) .

2. Dorayaki

Do you love fluffy pancakes?

Dorayaki is a sweet fluffy pancake usually filled with sweet Azuki red-bean paste! YUM!

3. Kit Kat

No No I'm not just talking about the Original Red Wrapper KitKat chocolate, I'm saying the over 300 different flavours of KitKat in Japan. The must-try unique KitKat flavours from Japan are the Matcha Green Tea, Mint, Apple, CheeseCake, Ice-Cream and Yoghurt ones!

4. HI-CHEW Candy

It goes without saying, you are not experiencing the full joy of Japan Snacks if you haven't tried Hi-Chew Candy. HI-CHEW is Japan's number 1 selling brand. They are immensely fruity and sensationally chewy fruit candies. Blueberry, Grape and White Peach are one of their top flavours.

5. Fetuccine Gummy

Shape like Fetuccine Italian Pasta! Made by the famous Bourbon Company. These gummy strips are flat, soft and gives a flavoursome aroma. It comes in many different flavours. You'll love the sweet x sour taste!


For all those coffee-lovers, this one is for you - AGF Blendy are instant coffee with milk. Easy & Simple & Yummy! Plus it comes in many different flavours.


“Akai Bohshi” in Japanese means Girl with a red hat. It comes with an elegant box filled with assorted cookies. It is come to be loved as gifts for celebrations, bridal events, and other events. Best for "gifts" or if you need some indulgence in you, pick this one!

8. Ramune Drinks

Ramune drinks are popular drinks in Japan. They are carbonated drinks and the bottles are made of glass. It is a codd neck bottle and contains a marble in it to keep the carbonation.

It comes in many different flavours and the "pop" sound of the marble will just satisfy the whole experience of drinking these.

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